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Our Mission 

To provide high-quality, accessible, evidence-based upper extremity and hand rehabilitation services via a cost-effective, convenient, and innovative approach.


It begins with highly skilled clinicians that continue to invest in their education and staying current with best evidence in upper extremity and hand rehabilitation. In fact, we are not only clinicians, we are educators. Teaching hospitals yield the best outcomes so we've modeled our practice similarly by educating physical and occupational therapists worldwide that are specializing in upper extremity and hand rehabilitation. Learn more about our Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship in the feed below.


 Our patients receive one to one attention which makes the most of your time. Your sessions are private and efficient.

We focus your session on the strategies that show the best efficacy. Strategies that support the body's natural healing process, strategies that support optimal healing after surgery, and strategies that support prevention. 

The best part about what we do is that you will gain the knowledge and tools to effectively contribute to own recovery so that follow-up sessions may consist of quick check-ins and guidance for appropriate changes to your program. 

Services with Mirella Deisher are available in NJ, DE, NY, and PA.

If you are in a different state we can direct you accordingly.


Bridging Access, Innovation, & Education

What We Specialize In

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Orthopedic Conditions

Senior Physiotherapy

Neurological Conditions

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Technology Ergonomics

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Virtual Hand to Shoulder Institute, LLC
Bridging Access, Innovation, & Rehabilitation

"I had lost all movement in my wrist and fingers after my accident and subsequent surgeries. Not only did Mirella help me regain motion, her expertise and knowledgeable answers to my many questions comforted me during the process. I couldn't have asked for a better person to assist me through one of the hardest moments of my life. I highly recommend Mirella to anyone looking for rehabilitation."

Max K.

I love playing tennis and have played for many years but I developed lateral epicondylitis a year ago that prevented me from being able to play.  Mirella provided me with an understanding of my injury and she gave me exercises and strategies that I could do for myself to prevent aggravation of my symptoms. I'm back to playing tennis several times each week and if I feel my symptoms coming back I know exactly what to do!

Robert B.

Mirella helped me get back to weight training after I ruptured my biceps.  I've been weight training most of my life and after my biceps repair surgery I wanted to get back to the gym.  Mirella helped me understand the healing process and found ways for me to be able to get a good workout without compromising the repair. I was gradually able to start strengthening again and Mirella was able to talk me through how to get back to my work-outs safely.

Linda S.

We are also a virtual teaching institution
keeping us accountable to current and best evidence.


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